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Back from a productive PRI Show


Last week was both intense and fun when MERS attended the PRI Show in 2014, together with SSAB Sweden and US. During three days LG, Mats and Lena was on location in SSAB booth to assist with marketing and information of the high-strength tubes Docol Tubes R8. The interest was high and SSAB and Al Love at AED Motorsport Products Ltd. who is distributor in the US of the tubes, look with confidence to the future. The show is gigantic and accommodates all types of racing companies from around the world. Although a number of Swedish. We found Leander Bros. from Alfta, Auto Verdi from Smedjebacken and Djurås, Speedgroup which manages drag racing Championships among others. Many European drag racing practitioners are visiting the show to find new partners and news in drag racing. We also took the opportunity to visit our co-operator McKinney Corp. where LG have been working, and AED Motorsport Products Ltd. before the PRI Show. With all this people we have a good relationship in the States and we working on more close co-operations in the future.


A visit at McKinneys Corp. Lafayette together with SSAB Sweden and US.


LG was happy to catch up with his old mates Matt and Brian at McKinneys Corp.


We also noticed that the staff at McKinney Corp. still uses the Speedglas welding helmets that LG brought last time he was working at the company.


The interest for the Docol Tube R8 was high and the booth staff was very busy the three days of PRI Show.


LG chassis model attracted many visitors.


A great surprise was that Carl Ruth showed up. He is the reason that we are racing a Chrom Victoria today. He is very dear to us all.


Once up on a time, when LG started his career in drag racing, he was sent to Carl Ruth for a month of education. Then he meet this guy, Matt Goss, who was the driver of Carl Ruth's Funny Car at time. They have not seen since then.


Auto Verdis staff Jarmo Pulkkinen and Steen Skodborg was on site. The third part, Stefan Verdi, came in a bit later.


Leander Bros, Michael Gullqvist had a close look at Jeff Burnetts new produced supercharger injector.


We also runned in to the Robinson family from UK. Always nice to see them, where ever in the world.


Lena happened to run in to a couple of well known drivers. Antron Brown is very keen to come over to Europe to drive. So if there is any sponsor that wants to help him, just contact him.


Another well known driver on site was John Force. Still going strong and said that he thought he knew me from somewhere. I haven't a clue as I never meet him before, more than once very accidental and in a crowd.


Dick Koster from Netherlands took the opportunity to work in Racepak booth as he is the European dealer for the company.


And of course the Speedgroup people was on site to tell about the European drag racing. The americans start to learn that dragracing in europe is quite big now.


Our extra son showed up to share some time with us. Jonnie stayed in the states after the last race and finally he went home during christmas straight after the PRI show.


AED Motorsport Products Ltd. own nice product of streamline tubes.


The american distributor of high strength tubes Docol Tubes R8, AED Motorsport Products Ltd. booth before PRI open.

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