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And something totally else...crisp bread bakery walls


 Now, all former Vika-bread lovers exhale. The bread has now been resurrected from the ashes, with a new name, Skedvi Bröd. A year ago, the venerable crispbread Vika Bröd was buried. The loss was great as Vika Bröd and Gustaf Korv is a Dalecarlian national dish and has been around almost all times. But thanks to Malin Floridan and Anders Åkerbergs stubbornness, we can now continue to enjoy the bread, albeit under a different name. ME Racing AB sister company ME Plåtkostruktioner AB wanted to support the reconstruction process of the bakery. So we contribut with sheetmetal and it was refined subsequently by Jiga Design of Stora Skedvi. The sheet metal was made into cabinets, bar counters and much more. But the most prominent are the walls, which are completely covered in sheet metal of which one wall is covered with historic and modern dalecarlian patterns. In other words, the bakery in Stora Skedvi is well worth a visit, mostly for its bread of course, but also for interior and getting close to the baking process. And, off course, there are a number of good local food to spend money at. If you get very very lucky, you might run in to one of the owners, when he getting some bread, Benny Andersson (the ex.ABBA-guy you know) ;).


We didn't make the walls, that did JIGA Design, but we sponsored with the sheet metal anyway.


ABBA-Benny made the first official crispbread cake of Skedvi Bröd as one of the owners.


The ovens that are warmed by open fires.


Details of the wall of patterns. Rusty sheet methal is so cool!

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