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A Champ on site at MERS!


We had celebrities on site today, Saturday the 21th of January)! As always she comes with a smile and makes everyone happy. 

FIA Champion of 2016 Anita Mäkelä and Tommi Haapanen delivered their Top Fuel chassis to ME Racing Service in Borlange today.

-It will be updated with a new front end until upcoming season by LG Eriksson here at MERS, says Anita. Other news for the season is that we´re stepping up with new cylinder heads from no 5 to no 7, but else there is just ordinary service made to the dragster.


Soon the Team Mäkelä/Haapanen getting a updated Top Fuel Chassi.

The of-season have been busy for Anita, family and team. About six price giving ceremonis, where one was in Vienna at the FIA big price giving ceremony. And Tommi refused to go to the big even! Guess why?

-Tommi didn’t want to where a tuxedo so I took our daughter Hanna with me instead, says Anita. And we had a good time. I was one of few that was called by the name during the ceremony, as I was the only woman. Most of the others was just listed on a display, as there was to many winners and motorsports disciplines represented.

Well, it was a good decision to take Hanna then. Two beautiful ladies at this big motorsports event of FIA.

-It`s been a very good off-season where we got a lot of time in the limelight, says Anita. I hope I can use that effort in a good way for the motorsport of drag racing.


Can LG get this part to his collection? What do You think?  To be continued...


Anita got a memory from MERS to hang on the wall. Just so she doesn't forget she is the Champion Queen of Dragracing.

By by for this time. See you in a few weeks. 

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