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Runner up at Hockenheim


Infront of full grandstands, witch meens more than 70 000 spectators, Mats made a good performence a Hockenheim Ring last weekend. First round out on Friday he was qualifying as no one at 6.221/374 km/h. That tells that its not a fast track, but it is very nice surface. It was the heat of more than 40 degr C that caused most trouble this weekend.

Due to some clearence on friday there was´nt any time left for a second round that day. Saturday Michael Gullqvist came up with a good run at 6,18/376 km/h and took the Q1 from us. But in the last run of the day we where up on top again with a 6,18/378 km/h run. Gullqvist Q2, Bader Q3. 

Mats had Norbeth Snider in first round and got thrue that and the next was a by run. So in the semi he had Laukkanen who had problems at half track and shut of. Mats was then meeting his old mate and compeeter Michael Gullqvist in the final. Unfortunately Mats lost with just 8/100 of a second. Micke Gullqvist 6.03/385 mkm/h vs Mats 6.13/372 km/h, Mats with a better reaction time. But we took some points and are a little bit more ahead in the tabel then when we left Sweden. Next up is Tierp in just about a week, so we better serve the Green Goblin and get ready for next battle. See You there folks.


Ludvig and Nettan did´nt like Mats loosing the Q1 place.


A win over Laukkanen made the guys happy.


Six Swedes on site at Hockenheimring ready to race.


Green Goblin undressed in 40 ° C heat at Hockenheim.


In the Final vs Gullqvist. Unfortunately Mats lost. But a runner-up place was good enough to give us some more points and stretch out the lead in the championship.

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